For Magento users

Use mVentory smartphone app to manage Magento products and orders where the products are – right in the store or the warehouse.
mVentory for Magento users
It is a lot easier to add product information and images with our inventory management app than with the standard Magento admin. Now any non-technical staff on the shop floor can manage products without any Magento training.

More than just a mobile interface

mVentory is more than just a mobile replica of Magento Admin interface. It streamlines many activities and makes them part of what you do on the shop floor – taking in stock, getting product information off the labels, measuring product sizes, scanning barcodes, packaging orders, photographing products and more.

mVentory is with you every step of the way – in your hand when you need it and in your pocket when you don’t.

Flexible configuration

mVentory relies on Magento product database to keep stock and product data. Small stores can use mVentory as their complete PoS, Website and Inventory solution. Larger users with existing PoS and Inventory systems can use mVentory just as a website management tool.

  • Multi-store support
  • Product templates for consistency
  • Integration with existing stock control system
  • Security and role-based access
  • Offline mode for remote areas or black spots
  • Full access to the source code and custom development
  • Many more enterprise level features

mVentory adds efficiency of the end to end inventory management process, from the moment a new shipment arrives in the store, to the moment it is handed to the customer.