TradeMe extension for Magento

TradeMe extension for Magento connects directly to TradeMe and convert your products into TradeMe listings.You already have a website with product descriptions, photographs. Now you can extend your website to the biggest selling website in New Zealand to get more sales and more exposure to potential customers.No need for double entry or complex API integration. Install this extension, configure and it will do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.
Choose what to list

Not all products may need to be listed. You can use simple rules of what is in and what is out.

  • map product types to TradeMe categories
  • set limits on number of listings
  • set filters based on price, shipping type and other product attributes
Choose when to list

A product can be listed with a single click or automatically on a schedule

  • list a product with a single click
  • use default settings or customise them per product
  • let Magento to list your products on schedule
  • get even spread of your auct
  • variable auction duration
Track sales

All TradeMe purchases are mirrored in Magento keeping your stock updated and more.

  • collect customer details inside Magento
  • automated email notifications from Magento
  • order status tracking
Product descriptions

Reuse product details from Magento for TradeMe listing in a variety of configurations.

  • product photos are copied from Magento
  • variations of the product name
  • template based product descriptions
  • copy attribute values, short and full descriptions
  • add static text blocks
  • smart conversion from HTML to plain text
Product price

You can use flexible pricing policy for TradeMe that can take into account additional costs.

  • Start = Reserve = Full price with BuyNow
  • smart $1 auctions for stock clearance
  • add TradeMe commission to the base price
  • add other costs to the base price
  • use regular or special price
  • list only products over or under a certain price

Translate complex Magento shipping rules into a simple list of shipping options.

  • calculate shipping options at the time of listing
  • use a matrix with shipping rules
  • compatible with 3d-party shipping extensions
  • calculate shipping for different warehouses
TradeMe Overview

Our TradeMe extension comes with full installation, configuration and free updates for up to a year.

Once installed and configured, the extension will require minimal maintenance, if any. You may need to change your product mapping when TradeMe makes changes to their category structure. Otherwise, it just keeps listing.

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