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Take a look inside our Magento extension for TradeMeWe’ve created a powerful tool to expand your online sales into TradeMe. It features a flexible administration interface that allows you to employ a wide range of selling tactics that can be easily changed over time.

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From Magento into TradeMe


This is the original product listing on a Magento website.


This is the same product listed on TradeMe using this extension.

Global scope settings



Every configuration field is explained right inside the extension.
General settings


Some settings are configured at the global level.
$1 reserve settings


A few simple rules make $1 auctions a success.

Website scope settings

Configuration file


The actual listing rules are configured per website.
General settings


TradeMe account credentials, cron interval, etc
$1 reserve settings


The same as at the global level, but can be overwritten.

Clever category assignment

Category mapping


TradeMe categories are mapped to Magento attributes. Products are assigned to TradeMe categories using the mapped rules.
List one product


Any product can be manually listed with custom auction parameters overwriting the defaults.
Update or withdraw


An auction can be withdrawn manually or updated with the latest details in Magento.

Demo videos

How to list one product

Our TradeMe extension comes with full installation, configuration and free updates for up to a year.

Once installed and configured, the extension will require minimal maintenance (if any). If TradeMe updates their category structure, you may need to change your product mapping to match, other than that it just keeps listing.

TradeMe Case Studies

TradeMe Documentation

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