Taking high quality product photos

Professional cameras make professional product photos – mVentory App eliminates file handling. You take photos and our app does the rest.
Use any camera

Insert a special SD card into your existing digital camera and it will connect to your Wi-Fi network and to our app on your smartphone. This card has a small Wi-Fi unit built into it turning almost any modern digital camera into a wireless device.

All photos are sent to our app in real time as you take them. You don’t need to do anything other than take good photos.

Photo matching

mVentory app analyses the photos and assigns them to products for uploading. You can quickly scroll through the images and make corrections.

  • read barcodes from photos
  • scan barcodes with mVentory app
  • one-click uploading of all matched images
Photo sessions

Taking photos of lots of products doesn’t have to be a mission – just take the photos and the app will do the rest:

  • copy photos from the camera
  • match photos to products
  • upload matched photos to the website

And the app will do it all in the background while you are taking more photos.