Inventory management app

Our inventory management app simplifies adding products to websites, dispatching orders and managing stock. What is usually done by IT specialists, designers and photographers can now be done by anyone skilled enough to use a smartphone.


Inventory management

Barcode scanner

Scan any barcode to retrieve details, photos and purchase history of the product. The scanner works with barcodes, QR codes, data matrix and other code types.

Product descriptions

Being next to the product helps you write more detailed and accurate product descriptions. Our predictive input will save you time on repetitive data entry.

Stock take

Combine scanning and manual quantity updates to make your stock takes faster and more reliable. Correct any inaccuracies on the spot with an audit log and detailed reports.


You don’t need to wait for the app to complete a task – just move onto the next one and it will finish all the uploading, downloading and syncing in the background. The app fits around your daily routine and doesn’t impose any changes to your normal workflow.


With a phone

High end smartphones take photos to rival studio ones with none of the cost. Tell a better story with more product photos.

Stock photos

Copy photos to the phone and match them to the products on the shop floor where you can see the minute details and differences.

Digital camera

Our app can download photos from most digital cameras over WiFi, match them to products and upload to the website while you are doing something else.

Clear background

You take photos, our Background Genie removes the background, enhances the image and replaces the original photo in the product automatically.

Product details from the Internet

mVentory app can search the Internet for product information, prices, photos and videos. It take one tap to grab an image or a piece of text from a website and put it right into the product. The app can also look up industry databases by the product name or barcode.

Order management

Order dispatch

Scan products with our smartphone app at dispatch to match them against customer orders and eliminate costly mistakes.

Basic PoS

Create new orders and capture customer details with our smartphone app even if there is no Internet connectivity.

Reordering app

Your own smartphone app to let your regular customers re-order anytime, anywhere by scanning a product barcode.

Enterprise level platform

Magento 1 & 2

The app connects to Magento, an open source e-commerce engine to make many time consuming inventory management tasks lightning fast. You or your staff can create, describe and photograph a product under 1 minute with no training.

Custom integrations

The app can be connected to other inventory and e-commerce platforms via custom integration modules. It can be used as a read-only device to check product data on the go or as an input device to enter new products and modify existing ones.