We do not collect any information other than bug reports via Google Analytics or if you choose to send us a crash report directly.

Android App Permissions explained

Access to USB storage

  • All the data is stored in /mventory/ folder.

Full network access, View network connections, View Wi-Fi connections

  • The app communicates with the server via a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. It needs access to the list of connections to choose the preferred one.

Prevent phone from sleeping

  • The app works asynchronously and may continue working after you turn the screen off. It will stop once all the work is done.

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics collects anonymous usage data and crashes. We cannot identify which device or user the data belongs to.

Error reports

  • You can send error reports to a nominated email address. The default setting is You can change it in Menu / Settings / Expand global settings.

Extensions and integrations

No data is collected by any of our Magento extensions or other integration modules. There are no tracking or licensing hooks in the code either.

Source code

Most of our source code is available for inspection on GitHub under

Email and phone

Our email is hosted by Google.

Phone calls can go via different VoIP and telco providers and are usually recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.