Smartphone photography

Taking product photos with your smartphone can produce quality images in seconds and push them to the website with one tap of a finger.
A one click job

The easiest and the quickest way to add product photos to the website is with our Android app. Scan the product barcode or find it by name, take as many photos of the product as you need and the phone will upload them to the right product on the website.

It can even help you remove the background for a very professional clear-cut look.

Perfect quality

The selling quality of a product photo is not in the megapixels or the size of a lens. It is in a realistic presentation of the product from multiple angles to give enough information to the online shopper to buy it there and then. Smartphone photos deliver just that at a resolution far exceeding what is actually needed:

  • DSLR camera: 20 mega pixels
  • Smartphone: 13 mega pixels
  • Screen resolution: 5 mega pixels
  • Image in a browser: 3 mega pixels
Zero cost

The cost of taking several photos is the cost of 1 minute of your time. You can now afford to take as many photos as you need to tell a compelling visual story.

Computers do all the matching, uploading or storing the images, so the cost is so negligible it can be ignored. Even if you are on an expensive mobile connection the app will wait for you to get into a Wi-Fi zone to start uploading.