Photo background remover

Whether you outsource product image editing or do it yourself our app will help you move the image files around.
When a new photo is uploaded to the website it is automatically synchronised with a shared Dropbox folder.
You or your image editor can open the file on your local computer, remove the background, save the file and it will be synced back to the website.
A one click job

The easiest and the quickest way to add product photos to the website is with our Android app. It doesn’t matter where the photo comes from – the app uploads it to the website and the shared folder.

You can:

  • take a photo with the phone
  • take a photo with a digital camera connected to the app
  • find a photo on the Internet
  • choose from stock photos you already have
Background removal

You can outsource photo editing to professionals or do it yourself using Photoshop. New files will be automatically copied to the computer linked with the shared folder. A usually manual process is reduced to 3 steps:

  • click on new file notification
  • edit the photo
  • press save
Website updates

When a file is saved by the image editor it is synced back to the shared folder and to the website. The image with removed background will appear on the right product page automatically.

  • no files to copy
  • no emails to send
  • just take photos