Product management

Our package gives you multiple ways of managing products on the website to get the job done few times faster.

On the go

Smartphone app

There are often times when you need to be next to the product to describe it in detail or take photos. Our Android app has a very streamlined interface to make product entry as quick and painless as possible. You can scan, describe and take multiple photos in less than a minute. Doing it through the back end takes a lot longer, unless you have all the information and files ready.

  • Barcode scanner
  • Fast product entry
  • Smartphone photos
  • Camera photos
  • Background removal

Quick edits

Front end editing

It is much quicker to edit product details, prices and quantities right where you see them – in the front end of your website. It is a more user friendly alternative to the full admin interface.

No technical qualification required

Access to the front end editor can be given to a non-technical team member. It is safe and easy to use. Their access is limited to a limited subset of data, so even if they make a mistake it would only affect a product or two.

Easy access

Your team members do not need to remember another login and password. They can log in with their a social account like Facebook or Google with one click.

  • Edit price
  • Edit quantity
  • Edit attributes
  • Drag n drop photo uploading
  • Delete products

Advanced changes

Edit anything

Full access to the admin panel gives you full control over product information and presentation of the website. You can edit the finer details for SEO, conversion optimisation, metadata, tags, reviews, images, themes, static blocks and so on.

Bulk editing

Editing multiple products at the same time has never been easier. Powerful search and filtering help you narrow down the list. Editing 2 products or 2,000 takes the same amount of time – it’s done with just a few clicks.

Unified view

The website provides a secure and detailed data feed that can be linked to a reporting system that already works with your inventory or accounting software to give you a unfed view. Products can be easily matched by SKU, orders by ID and customers by email address to cross-reference data from other databases.

  • Search and filter
  • Configurable lists
  • Bulk actions
  • Re-assign categories
  • Access to all details
  • Automation rules
magento product editing