Magento package for large inventory

Our Magento package covers everything a business with large inventory needs to start running an efficient online store now. We give you a solid foundation to build on.

Back office integration

Stock control

One-way or two-way direct integration with popular and proprietary inventory control systems.


Order and invoice information can flow back to your accounting system in real time or via a manual approval loop.


Customer details, purchases and financial information can be syncronised between your website and your CRM.


A real time connection to external reporting engines and dashboards gives you the flexibility of building your own custom reports.

Product management


Scan, photograph, count and describe products on the shop floor with an Android phone. Our app cuts down product entry time from minutes to seconds.

Simplified interface

A simple form-based editor built right into the front end of the website can be used by any team member without any training to edit product details, prices and quantities.

Advanced admin interface

Computer-savvy team members may prefer to use the full power of Magento admin and pre-installed management extensions for bulk product editing.


With a phone

High end smartphones take photos to rival studio ones with none of the cost. Tell a better story with more product photos.

Stock photos

Copy photos to the phone and match them to the products on the shop floor where you can see the minute details and differences.

Digital camera

Our app can download photos from most digital cameras over WiFi, match them to products and upload to the website while you are doing something else.

Clear background

You take photos, our Background Genie removes the background, enhances the image and replaces the original photo in the product automatically.

Product details from the Internet

mVentory app can search the Internet for product information, prices, photos and videos. It take one tap to grab an image or a piece of text from a website and put it right into the product. The app can also look up industry databases by the product name or barcode.

Order management

Order dispatch

Scan products with our smartphone app at dispatch to match them against customer orders and eliminate costly mistakes.

Basic PoS

Create new orders and capture customer details with our smartphone app even if there is no Internet connectivity.

Reordering app

Your own smartphone app to let your regular customers re-order anytime, anywhere by scanning a product barcode.

Automated sales and marketing

We completely automate marketing processes by using rules, templates, other platforms and linking it all to your store. Configure the rules and let the site to do the work for you.


List your products on popular auction sites like eBay, AliExpress, Rakuten and Trade Me automatically.

Social selling

Run a Facebook or Pinterest store and share on other social networks to drive more traffic to your site.

Social connect

Collect email addresses, likes and shares from as many visitors as possible to convert them into followers.


Send out automated newsletters with your new and featured products on demand or on a schedule.

Data feeds

Provide your product information as data feeds to other websites to drive more traffic: price comparison engines, affiliates, one day sales, group buying, trade catalogs, etc. Use flexible rules to control access to product information by type, price, source, etc.


Get a deep connection into Google infrastructure: AdWords, Product search, Analytics, Tag and more.
Your site will automatically create and delete ads, log detailed user activities in Analytics and load Google tags.

Enterprise level platform

Magento 1 & 2

Based on the best open source e-commerce engine. Full access to the source code with infinite possibilities for further development and customisation.

Fully managed SaaS

We build, host and maintain your e-commerce site at all levels keeping it up to date with new features and functionality added at no cost.


You can run your online store on your own servers with full control of all the software. We will be happy to provide you full technical support as well.


You get a well tuned and optimised site with regular back up, proactive monitoring, full page caching and other performance enhancements.