Magento integration

A standalone e-commerce website is a cost center. We connect it to your back office systems to bring the cost of maintaining it to almost zero.

Inventory control

Existing workflow remains unchanged

You already have an established inventory control system in place. There is no need to change what works.
We can connect to the existing system and sync Magento to your existing product information.

Single point of entry

Having your existing inventory control system as the primary source of price and quantity information is the most reliable approach. The website becomes a well-dressed digital shop front with up-to-date price and availability information.

One way connection

Most inventory systems allow manual or automated data export into one of common formats, such as CSV, Excel, XML or EDI. Our software is smart enough to work out what is what and update the website.

Two-way connection

Some inventory control systems are open enough to either update the database directly or use their API to update inventory changes from the website. The data sent to the inventory system can range from just a quantity update to a wider set including price, categories, etc.

  • Vend
  • Kudos Counter Intelligence
  • Orion Dealership System
  • Infusion Business Software
  • Fast Pace
  • MyOB Multistore
  • Quick Books Retail Manager


Customer invoices

Magento creates an invoice for every completed purchase and can email it to the customer. The templates for Magento invoices are completely customisable and can include promotional and upselling material.

Copying sales into accounting system

All online sales can be copied into your accounting system, along with line items, tax, shipping and customer information. Your accounting system can also send out a customer invoice or a statement on top of or instead of the Magento invoice.

Transaction approval

Some times online orders are never completed or completed partially with funds coming in several payments. Having a human manually approving transactions or invoices to be sent to the accounting system is a good safety mechanism. The actual approval process depends on the type of the accounting system.

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • MYOB Multistore
  • Reckon


Rich data set

An integrated online store has more detailed product information than the inventory system. It usually has information on the product brand, colour, sizes and other properties. You can get a better insight into what sells and understand why.

Custom reports

A business doesn’t stand still. From time to time managers need to see information that a standard report cannot provide. Flexible reporting engines let you build your own report with or without calling in a specialist.

Unified view

The website provides a secure and detailed data feed that can be linked to a reporting system that already works with your inventory or accounting software to give you a new perspective. Products can be easily matched by SKU, orders by ID and customers by email address to cross-reference data from other databases.

  • Zoho CRM
  • Google Charts
  • Crystal Reports