Magento extensions

Our team works hard to make Magento better and more productive. We have created a number of extensions to solve common problems encountered by our customers.
mVentory API

mVentory API connects our Android app to Magento for a variety of tasks

  • Loading products
  • Taking photos
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Controlling inventory
  • Using the phone as a PoS in store and viewing orders

Run your shop from your pocket with mVentory Android API

Magento Connect | More info

mVentory API
mVentory API
mVentory Admin toolbar

Sometimes you need a big screen to get things done quicker. We created an extension to do admin tasks via Magento front-end faster:

  • Edit product details, price, attributes, etc.
  • Upload product images
  • Set main product image
  • Delete, rotate product images
  • Shortcuts to the admin interface for the page
  • Easily find products with missing images
  • Shortcut to Google Analytics

Make admin changes a whole lot easier with mVentory Admin Toolbar

Magento Connect | GitHub | More Info

Trade Me for Magento

TradeMe is the leading New Zealand online auction site. This extension integrates Magento directly into TradeMe.

  • List a Magento product via an Android app
  • List a product with one click in Magento Admin
  • Configure automated rule-based listing of Magento products on TradeMe
  • Automatic synching of TradeMe sales to update Magento inventory
  • Automatically withdraw an auction if a product goes out of stock while being listed on TradeMe
  • Rule based mapping of TradeMe categories depending on product attributes
  • Support for multiple TradeMe accounts, e.g. one for Wellington, one for Auckland
  • Rule-based shipping options
  • Listing products at a set interval for even spread across pages
Magento connectors

Magento + Counter Intelligence by Kudos

We connected Counter Intelligence, a popular PoS and inventory control system by Kudos to Magento. Our script can import a standard CI file and either create new or update existing products on demand or on schedule.

Magento + Orion by SAM

Orion is a popular dealership system by SAM. We created a Magento module for importing part and vehicle data from their standard XML or CSV output. The module can create new products or update existing one. Run it on demand or set up a cron job.