TradeMe Authorisation from Magento

The TradeMe add-on you have installed on your website has to be authorised for use in your account before any TradeMe listings can be created. Sometimes TradeMe releases the authorisation tokens you need to authorise again.

It only takes a minute or two.

1. Login to your TradeMe account

Make sure you are logged into both, Magento admin and your TadeMe account.

2. Open TradeMe tab

In the admin menu for Magento go to System / Configuration and open the TradeMe tab. The exact location of the tab depends on what else you have installed in your Magento and how those extensions position themselves.


3. Change to Website scope

Select the website scope in the top left corner of the configuration page. You may have multiple websites configured, so select the one you need.



4. Open the TradeMe account tab

authorise-trademeThe tab may be collapsed and you may have multiple tabs if multiple accounts are configured. Choose the one you need. Remember, they are all linked to different TradeMe accounts.



5. Authorise

Press on Authorise button and then confirm the access on TradeMe screen. You will be redirected to TradeMe website and then back to Magento admin. Remember to be logged into your TradeMe account before starting the authorisation process.

If you logged in and TradeMe asks you to log in again, the chance is you are trying to authorise the wrong account. You should see ALLOW / DENY options straight after pressing AUTHORISE button.

TradeMe may completely skip the authisation screen and send you back to Magento admin with a confirmation message if you authorised before.

View a demo video

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