Bulk product editing in Magento

Bulk product editing is a very useful Magento feature if you need to update a large number of products at once. This article shows how to set a product type for different groups of products based on the keyword in the product name.

If you are not one of our customers you will need to have an extended product grid module installed to follow all the steps.

1. Open the products grid in Magento admin panel

Choose Catalog / Manage products in the top admin menu


2. Add the attribute you want to update to the grid

  • Click on the extended product grid icon for the list of attributes
  • Click on Add attribute column button
  • Add the attribute at the bottom of the form
  • Click on Save button

Click on an image below to view the full size.

magento-bulk-editing-step2 magento-bulk-editing-step3 magento-bulk-editing-step4





3. Select the products

  • Type in a keyword into Name text field at the top of the grid
  • Check that the matching products are the ones you want to edit
  • Select them all and deselect any manually as needed


4. Edit the product details


  • Select Update attributes option from Actions dropdown and click Submit button
  • Scroll down to Product type attribute
  • Check Change box on
  • Click Save button at the top right corner of the screen

magento-bulk-editing-step7 magento-bulk-editing-step6

5. Check the results

When the update is completed you should see the number of updated products in a message at the top of the screen and the new data in the grid. Retrace and revert the changes if something is incorrect.



Video tutorial

We recorded the same steps as a video. It actually has more than just the steps above and gives few more examples.

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