Using External Camera


  • EyeFi SD card
  • Digital camera
  • Wireless internet connection
  • mVentory Android API

The external camera function can be used in a variety of ways

  • When loading a product VIA the mVentory App, the user can link the camera to the phone and use photos taken with the digital camera, uploaded to the App in real time.
  • The external camera can be time synced with the app, this is a good function to use when there are no barcodes on your products.

The external camera, linked with a Photo Editor, can really enhance the look of your product to your audience. By simply removing the background on your product image, it makes it the centre of attention.

The App and the external camera to work together to load product photos quickly. By yourself or as a team, go through the stock and scan the barcode of an item with the App, and then take photos with the external camera. The camera sends the photos taken in real time to the App, ready for uploading.

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