Report an error

If you come across an error when using our App please follow the instructions below. (It helps us make our App easier for you to use)

1) From the home screen of our mVentory App, press help.

2) A side bar will appear, click “Report Errors” which is located at the top in a red box

3) An error report will be created, press Yes to continue

4) If this is the first time you have sent us an error report you will need to select how it will be sent

5) Your selected Email app will pop up, asking you to write about what happened when the error occurred. This is crucial as we cannot rectify the issue without knowing what happened!

6) For example: I tried uploading a photo and the App froze.
Then just send the email.

7)Your error report has been sent, we will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you!

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