Add Pictures

Find the product and open product details. Press on one of the following buttons:

Add Photos buttons

Google Photos – get images from the internet

This button will take you to a Google search of the product. Find a website that you want to copy photographs from. Tap Grab images – this will search the page for images of acceptable size (300×300 pixels or larger) and display them. Tap on the image you want and select Upload from the menu that will appear to add this photograph to the product details. Repeat this process for any other photographs you want to add. Press the Back button and then tap Exit search to finish.

Browse Photos – use pre-loaded images

You can pre-loaded product images (e.g. manufacturer-supplied photos) to your mobile device. Tap Browse Photos to see these images. Find the image that corresponds to the product and tap on the image. Select Upload to add the image to the product details or Upload and Delete to add the image and delete it from pre-loaded images. Repeat this process for as many images as needed and press the Back button to finish.

Location of pre-loaded images can be set in the Global Settings, under gallery photos directory.

Take Photos – take photos with phone camera

This button will take you to the camera view. Take a photograph of the product. Review it and either Discard or Save to add to the product details. Take as many photographs as required. Press Back button to finish.


Photographs will be automatically uploaded from the device to the server. You do not need to wait for this process to finish and can keep using the app.

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