Package roll-out process

mVentory brings together complicated tools and IT systems into a single easy to use package to give you a head start in the e-commerce game.

It takes years and a significant investment to build a well functioning and fully integrated e-commerce website. You can have it all on day one.

Our package fills the gaps most merchants don’t even know about at the beginning of their ecommerce projects.

E-commerce platform set up

First of all, we set up an e-commerce engine (Magento), including all the necessary tools, extensions and configuration for end to end process from loading stock to marketing to tracking sales. The package also includes performance tuning, automated backups, monitoring and many other essentials. We make it simple enough even for a small business to use this powerful platform.

We chose Magento as the core of our package because of its power and flexibility. It is an enterprise level e-commerce platform used to power 260,000 online stores worldwide, mainly by mid-size and large merchants.

Performance : Proactive monitoring

Back office integration

We connect your website to your inventory and accounting systems.

Your existing products will be added to the website database automatically. You won’t have the additional workload of tracking stock on the website. There is also a lot of flexibility to decide what appears on the website and what form using rules or configuring products one by one.

We have a growing list of modules for direct integration with retail, stock and accounting systems.

Available modules : Custom integration : Case studies

Product loading

Our package includes a smartphone app and desktop tools for adding product details, photos and videos.

These tools are built for non-technical users. You or your staff will be able to take professional photos, remove backgrounds and upload the clear-cut photos to the site with just a few clicks.

We will help you set up the best process to get the best results in the shortest period of time.

mVentory App : Image editing : Toolbar

Website design and branding

The best time to work on the design is when the website is up and running, connected to the back end systems and has at least some products loaded with full details and quality photos.

We offer a choice of thousands of professional website templates that we can customise with your branding. There are very few design constraints, but we recommend a clean professional design that focuses the attention on the product.

You can always use your own design team to create something uniquely yours or make more changes later.

Available templates : Branding : Custom design : Shopping cart vs Catalog : B2B

Marketing automation

Bringing visitors to your website can be challenging. We built many marketing automation tools into our package to help your website market itself. It can collect visitor email addresses and likes, push content to social media, send out newsletters and run Google Ads campaigns among other features.

Social connect : Chat : Sharing : Social selling : Ads : Affiliate networks

Sales channels

Our package helps you reach customers in other marketplaces. Your website can connect to eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, TradeMe and other marketplaces and sell your products in real time without managing them all separately.

We will help you connect and configure rules to push your products to other websites automatically.

Google Products : eBay : Trade Me : Amazon

Turn key solution

We don’t just sell software – we make it work for you.

We start with understanding your business, your vision, then we launch a new website, connect it to external systems and make sure everything works 100%. You get a fully functional system that is ready to make you money.

Discuss your project : Watch demos : Order now

Hosting and support

Our e-commerce hosting includes full ongoing support of all parts of the solution, including patches, service releases and new features. Your website can also be hosted by other hosting companies or yourself.

Hosting : Support : Online help

For web developers

We love partnering with web developers to give them a head start with a Magento product. Our package can be rolled out in minimal time to be the base for further customisation.

Partnerships : Open Source : Licensing