For web developers

There is a huge untapped market of retailers, trade and B2B merchants without efficient e-commerce stores. We give you the tools to win them over.

Businesses you can help now

Small businesses with high SKU turnover
  • 2nd hand shops
  • Auction houses
  • Pawn brokers
  • Timber yards
  • Clearance stores
Businesses with large number of SKUs
  • Craft shops
  • Stationery shops
  • Engineering suppliers
  • Building suppliers
  • Electrical suppliers
  • Plumbing suppliers
  • Car parts
  • Appliances parts

These businesses think that managing their online inventory is too hard.
Just show them our inventory app and a few examples of our current users.

Your competitive edge

We spent years working with Magento 1 and Magento 2. You can have everything we learned packaged in one ready-to use solution:

How mVentory works

mVentory has the tools to help you go a step further and create an ongoing relationship with your customers.