Formatting Attributes

A formatting attribute is a special attribute that is used by mVentory to store formatting rules for product name auto-generation. Each attribute set can have its own formatting attribute; hence, the formatting rules are defined on a per-attribute set basis.

Formatting attributes are not visible in the front-end or in the Android application. The default value of these attributes is where the formatting information is stored.

mVentory allows automation of the following tasks through the use of information stored in the formatting attributes:

Creating a formatting attribute

Create a new attribute. The attribute code can be anything you like, but keeping them consistent makes maintenance easier. We suggest a combination of a recognisable prefix and the name of the attribute set that it will apply to, e.g. frm_computers or frm_clothing. The admin label for the attribute must be set to that of the name of the attribute set that this formatting attribute should apply to. This is what defines this attribute as the formatting type.

Attribute settings:

  • Scope: Global
  • Type: Text field
  • All the other fields: leave default values
  • Admin label (Manage Label/Options tab): must be the same as the name of the attribute set it will apply to

Save the attribute and add it to the attribute set.


This is an example of a formatting attribute for attribute set Welding. The formatting rule is stored in the default value:

Welding Formatting Attribute

And the admin label for the attribute is set to Welding.

Welding Formatting Attribute label

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