Configure Reports

wpid-screenshot_2014-06-13-16-30-25.png mVentory App can request reports from Magento server to be emailed to the user email address.
Press on Reports button on the home screen of the app and select the report. The site will collect the data and email it in a CSV/Excel format to the registered email address of the user.

Server side configuration


  1. Navigate to System / Configuration / Import-Export / Data Profiles in the admin menu
  2. Create a new profile
  3. Make sure the name of the profile starts with _ (underscore), E.g. _All products
  4. Enter the details of the report and save
  5. Press on Reports button in the app to see the list of available reports

Report security and access

Only reports with names starting with _ (underscore) can be requested via mVentory API.

The user cannot specify where to send the report – it is always sent to the user email address held in Magento.

The user can only access data for the store the user (customer) account is registered in. Customers registered in ‘Admin’ website can access any store.

The reports are generated per store based on the configuration URL.

Report settings


  • Name: any name starting with _
  • Direction: Export
  • Store: this value is replaced at runtime, leave as Admin
  • Data transfer, Type: Local server
  • File name: any valid file name, no spaces
  • Path: usually var/export
  • Data format: CSV, including attribute names, all or some fields
  • Filers: as per your requirements
  • Product type: usually only simple products are exported
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