Configure Category Mapping

Manual assignment of product categories is slow and arbitrary and makes re-arranging categories a laborious task.

mVentory simplifies and improves the category assignment process by performing automatic assignment, using a set of rules based on product attributes’ values.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • faster product entry
  • better consistency
  • easy to change categories in bulk


Configuration is performed by manually creating the rules that are used to map the categories. This process is performed by using the Category Matching panel that is added to the Edit Attribute Set page by the extension.

One category per attribute set

Perform the following steps to assign all products of a particular product type (attribute set) to a single category:

  1. Go to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attribute Sets.
  2. Open the attribute set of the product type that you want to map to a category.
  3. Scroll down to Category Matching section.
  4. Click on Select category on the right and pick a category from the tree that will appear.
  5. Do not select any attributes in the drop down on the left.
  6. Save the rule.

This will create a default rule: all products from that attribute set will be assigned to the category you selected. In the example below all products from the attribute set that is being edited will be assigned to category Books.

Default Category Mapping Rule

Multiple categories per attribute set

To assign products of a particular product type (attribute set) to multiple categories, perform steps 1-5 as above and then select a product attribute in the dropdown box on the left that will be used to differentiate which category a product will be mapped to and select the attribute values that will appear that you want to use for matching. You can select multiple attribute values and also multiple product attributes simultaneously to combine them into a single rule.


Assume you are selling different types of wall art. All products share the same attribute set, but you want original paintings to appear in category Paintings and all the other art in category Print.

  1. Create a dropdown or multiselect attribute with options specifying different types of wall art.
  2. Add this attribute to the attribute set and save.
  3. Re-open the attribute set and navigate to the Category Matching section.
  4. Click on Select category on the right and pick the category that you want to map.
  5. Select the attribute that you have created in the dropdown box on the left.
  6. Select the attribute values matching the category you selected.
  7. Save the rule.

Mapping to Multiple Categories


Default Category

All products that do not match any category mapping rules are assigned to the default category. Any category can be set to be the default category in Configuration -> System / API / Phone API / Default category ID field.


If rules change, the new mapping will not be applied to any product automatically unless the product is edited and saved. Match product category bulk action on product list page can be used to apply the new mapping to a selection of products. Select some or all products and submit them for bulk action.

There is no harm in submitting more products that are actually affected by the change if all products have categories assigned via rules. If products have manually assigned categories they will be overridden.


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