Configure Access

mVentory system can be up and running with minimal configuration. The only required task is to create a new Magento customer and enable mVentory API access for that customer:

  1. Create a Magento Customer (shipping and billing addresses must be configured in customer details).
  2. Press mVentory Access button button.

The generated link (see screenshot below) can be e-mailed to the intended user of mVentory mobile app. The app will be configured automatically when this link is opened on a smartphone (the mVentory app  must be already installed). Clicking on the link will first open a browser and then open mVentory app and configure it automatically.

This video

shows what the smartphone user will see when the link is opened.

Now the mobile app is configured and is ready to be used. If you tap on Products button in the app, you should see a list of products from your store.

Alternatively, access can be configured by manually creating an XML-RPC user with appropriate permissions.

Next, configure attributes.

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