Combining Mapping Rules

Combining rules

  1. Multiple attribute values selected together create an OR rule, so that if the product has any of those values the rule is true.
  2. Multiple columns create an AND rule, so that all columns should be true for the rule to apply.
  3. A rule with nothing selected is the default rule and applies if no other rule before it applies.
  4. Multiple rules are evaluated from top down (the default rule is always the last) and the first matching rule is applied.
  5. Saved rules can be rearranged by dragging them up and down.


  • Rule #1: if attribute jwl_use_ (Jewellery for) = Girls then assign to category Little girls
  • Rule #2: if attribute jwl_type_ (Type) = Bracelet then assign to category Bracelets
  • Rule #3: if attribute jwl_type_ (Type) = Earrings then assign to category Earrings

Only the first matching rule applies. Once a matching rule is found the processing stops.

Category Mapping Example

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