Copying product details from the Internet

There is a chance your products have already been photographed, described and reviewed by somebody else. Our app will help you find and copy that info with a few taps.

Easy search

Keywords needed to find a product on the Internet are usually contained in the product name, SKU and other basic information copied from your inventory system. The app extracts and presents them in an easy drag and drop interface. It also learns from your search patterns to give the most likely suggestions for similar products.

Database search

Just scanning a barcode of the product can often be enough to find all the information about it. Take books for example. Scan the barcode with our app and it will download all the book details, including author, publisher, edition, etc and copy it to your site.

mVentory app can connect to public and industry databases and product libraries to extract additional product information on the fly.

Copy details with one tap
Copying text and images

It can be frustrating, if not impossible to copy images from websites. You need to find the largest image of the product, right-click, save and then upload it to your site. Our app replaces all these extra steps with a single tap on an image.

Copying text is just as easy – tap on a piece of text for a second longer and it will copy the selection to the right field or the product description.

Product info internet search