Case studies

We helped small customers match the size and quality of large online players with ease.

Crafters Heaven

Rita Sterling from used to be with a traditional e-commerce provider. It was impossible to manage her products in the store and online without having at least one person doing it full-time. She had about 10 of them listed when we came in.


  • Android phone, $300
  • Canon 450D camera, $400
  • Wireless camera connector, $100

Result: over 4000 products are easily maintained by one person running the actual retail store, many of them are automatically submitted to TradeMe.


Tina Dunlop from had an e-commerce website built for her, but was left to battle with the admin side of it on her own. She had hundreds of products listed within a few weeks of getting mVentory.


  • Android phone, $300

Tina is well supported by the manufacturers of her products – she gets quality photos from them on CDs and matches them to the products on the shelf using her phone. It would be near impossible to do accurate matches without mVentory.

Chambers on Main

Julie and Merv Saunders run Chambers on Main, an iconic business known all over the country. They recognise the value of having their products listed online because one of the most often asked questions they hear is,

Do you have a website?

They sure do and they are so successful they are expanding.