What do people search for on TradeMe?

Optimising your TradeMe listings for search increases sales. The big question is what to optimise for.

There is a simple, but rather time consuming way of finding out.

  1. Look at your category and note the names of products others use.
  2. Start slowly typing commonly used words in the search box and note the list of suggestions.

We’ll use Microsoft Surface Pro example from an earlier post.

First we’ll do a broad search term


You can tell that Surface Pro 3 is pretty hot and Surface Pro 1 is not so.

A more specific search starting with microsoft


tells us that there are more searches for their tablet than for their software on TradeMe.

And now an even more specific search term


So given these 2 results you either need to decide on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 3 as the beginning of your listing title, but how do you know which one is more popular? Read our post on TradeMe A/B testing.

Weeding out outliers

It’s not hard to avoid seemingly intuitive, but not very popular searches by simply typing them in and checking the suggestions.

If we were selling Microsoft Surface Keyboards on TradeMe we should start the title with Surface Keyboard


because searching for Microsoft Surface Keyboard gives no suggestions, so the number of searches is probably minimal.


Deciding on the best TradeMe listing title

The proof of the pudding is in eating it.

We found a list of common searches using TradeMe suggestions. Now let’s learn how to put these findings to test.


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