Trade Me Busiest Time Tracker

What is the best day / time to list on Trade Me?

There is a bit of advice from all sorts of TradeMe Gurus and TradeMe themselves:

We decided to put the theory of Trade Me Busiest Time to test and track the actual numbers in real time.

TradeMe publishes site stats with the data refresh rate of few times per hour. We tap into that data via their API, store it in a database and present on this page.

Trade me stats

The data is compiled into a publicly available spreadsheet in Google Docs.

The graphs below give you a snapshot of real time and historical data.

If you invest you must measure the results

Whether you invest your time in creating listings or your money in using tools that create those listings for you how do you know that you get the best return on that investment?

Define metrics and measure.

TradeMe doesn’t make much data available to the public or sellers, except for some comparative metrics within TradeVine. We are filling the gap to help you sell more.

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