KiwiVelo is responsive, in sync and on TradeMe!

If you are serious biker in New Zealand you surely heard of KiwiVelo. We’ve just reached a bit of a milestone with their website – they started listing on TradeMe and got their first sale!

KiwiVelo, Takapuna

Tower Systems PoS – Magento – TradeMe

KiwiVelo started actively selling online about a year ago by taking over a competing website. It was working up to a point. They needed growth.

The catalyst for change was Google’s deadline back in April 2015 for website to go responsive or disappear from their index.

What we did there:

  • Upgraded Magento to the latest version
  • Made Magento RWD theme look exactly as their old theme, but made it responsive (mammoth task, never again!)
  • Integrated Magento with Tower Systems PoS for bike shops
  • Connected Magento to TradeMe using our TradeMe extension
  • Fixed 1,000 little bugs and solved another 1,000 nagging problems we encountered along the way
  • Patched the site a few times
  • Survived a hacking attempt

How it works:

  • Magento website is in sync with Tower Systems PoS
  • Product details are loaded from manufacturer websites where possible or photographed with our Android App.
  • TradeMe listings are created automatically from products in Magento

It looks great, it works and it sells. Go KiwiVelo!


KiwiVelo-TradeMeThere are still a few wrinkles to iron out, but they have close to 100 products rolling over on TradeMe with zero effort and complete automation.

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