A backlink tip for online sellers

tm-store-link I’ve just spotted this on a regional marketplace called Trade Me. The back link is available to registered stores who sell on the site. There is cost involved for becoming a store, but if you are actually selling there then the link comes for free.

Is it good for your SEO?

Most directories and marketplaces link via a redirect or add no-follow, which has a questionable SEO value. Let’s find out if this link will give you a bit of SEO juice.

  • First of all, this is a good old HTML link, no strings attached (it doesn’t have nofollow attribute):
  • The page has no meta tags that would ban search engines.
  • The page is linked from store listings and the store profile. Both links can be followed by search engines.
  • The path to this page is disallowed by robots.txt! (not good for SEO value of the link)

    which is confirmed by the URL having N/A for Google Page Rank.

At the same time, Google indexed the page and gave it to me as #1 search result.


So, Google is well aware about these pages despite the site owner asking search engines to ignore it. There must be value in it.

A quick suggestion

If you have a TradeMe store you should call your account manager and ask for the back link.

For everyone else selling your wears on the Internet, if you are in New Zealand, Australia, UK, HK or just want to reach a busy market of 3,800,000 English-speaking consumers you should check out our Trade Me connector to push your products to their site automatically and give Trade Me a call.

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