Product loading API update: v.1.6.0

Just a quick plug to announce a new release of the product loading API extension on Magento Connect

What’s new:

  • Bug fixes and refactoring
  • Image Review moved into separate extension
  • Compatibility with SUPEE-6788
  • Allow category matching based on yes/no attributes
  • Allow multiple category matching rules

Background Genie

Image review part of API is now a separate extension called Background Genie.

We are working on making a Magento Connect listing for it. In the meantime, you can download it from The name suggest background removal as it’s main function, but it can be used for any image editing with Magento.

Category matching

Automated category matching is an optional feature that can save a lot of time on setting product categories.

It saves time on setting categories for products by creating rules and applying them every time a product is created or edited.

We will take it out into a separate extension, but for now it remains part of API extension.

The main change is that the rules can now be evaluated all the way to the end of the rules list regardless of the previous matches.

Call us if you need help upgrading and remapping your existing rules.


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