We ♡ We Love Books

www.welovebooks.co.nz is a second hand bookshop in a small rural town, almost in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t stop them from having their books online. Namely, 1,718 of them, with 1,215 currently in stock.

The site has been running for some time, but we are still working on some new features around shipping and product management for them.


Small shop, big challenges

One of the main problems is shipping.

Most of their books are only a few dollars worth. There is not enough margin to do free postage. People often buy more than one book – the site must be able to calculate combined shipping.

Providing exact book measurements and weight are too time consuming.

To simplify the process we split the shipping into different categories, e.g. Small envelope, Large Envelope, Small Package, etc. The site will suggest the best shipping option to the user at the checkout, but give the user an option to modify it if they think it was calculated incorrectly. New Zealanders are an honest lot, so we don’t expect too many problems with that.

eCommerce for bookshops

Our Magento App makes entering book details a matter of scanning the barcode. All the book details are pulled from Google Books and other sources by the ISBN explained number. Older books can be searched for manually. All the book photos on We Love Books website are taken with a MotoG phone. Usually it takes less than a minute per book, way faster than doing it with a computer.


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