Free multiple images for Trade Me have arrived

multiple-trademe-imagesIt’s time to turn multiple images for all your products on.
As part of their pricing change, Trade Me (finally!) allowed uploading unlimited number of images per product for free. It used to be 10c up until today.

Turn multiple images on now

If you are using the latest version of our Trade Me connector for Magento, you can just turn them on in the admin:

  1. Log into your Magento admin console.
  2. Navigate to System -> Configuration -> TradeMe
  3. Change the value of Submit all images setting inside Images tab to Yes.
  4. Save

All new auctions from then all should have all product images copied from Magento into Trade Me.

How did the pricing change affect you?

We know that some of our customers are hit hard because they fall into the most taxed price range. Let us know.

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